They are proudly installed on the desks of the conference room of Hotel La Barcarolle in Prangins. They are looking at us with a friendly glance, waiting for one thing and one thing only… a huge hug! But who are these soft and gentle creatures? Sammy, Eyty, Tummy, Belly and Gracy are the teddy bears of Cuddlings.WORLD! Pink, orange, blue, green, purple: Just chose your favourite colour! This one of a kind plush will definitely be the perfect friend for your child or your baby.


Much more than just a teddy bear

Looking at this cute little teddy bear covered by flashy coloured hairs, you might think it’s simply a new teddy bear like many others. Well, don’t get me wrong! Behind this product created by Cuddlings.WORLD, there is a philosophy, a strong desire to bring love and happiness all year-round. Cuddling is a true therapy for happiness.

When Sofia Dias and Olivier Wasem, respectively CEO and Founder of Cuddlings.WORLD, present the concept and the philosophy behind, we can quickly notice a lot of emotion and pride in their bright eyes. Beyond the teddy bear, there is a desire to share and spread happiness throughout the world, but also to develop the 5 senses of the children: the smell, the touch and the sight among others. In fact, this is an emblematic teddy bear that reminds to all of us, parents and children, the true values of life and love.

A teddy bear designed in Switzerland, happiness spreader

Cuddlings.WORLD put an emphasis on the rigorous selection of suppliers, but also on the materials that are used in production. From design to implementation, everything is mastered in the Swiss Made Spirit. In addition to meeting precise and rigorous safety standards, Cuddlings wanted to do even more to guarantee the best quality of its product, and thus certified its plush with the same quality standards as Disney!

This joyful diffuser is able to welcome different types of essential oils or perfumes, depending on the mood of the person who decides to adopt this amazing teddy bear.

How does it work?

The benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy are well proven and this is why Sofia, Olivier and their team have decided to combine the softness of a teddy bear with the power of the oils. The operation is quite simple: The teddy bear has a small and cute belly – easily switchable thanks to a Velcro strap – on which we spray the mixture of essential oils or perfumes of our choice. Each belly has its own mix!


Why buying it?

As a mother of a little girl and a daily user of essential oils, I was convinced by the product quite quickly, and this is why:

  • It is a product designed and developed locally
  • All types of organic essential oils can be applied
  • It’s an ideal colourful companion for my child
  • The child benefits from the oils thanks to its soft plush (2 in 1)

To conclude, in a world where affection and kindness are more and more rare, won’t you appreciate a huge hug?

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